you are awesome. keep on being that ok. i love you, and probably a whole bunch of other people. maybe people you don't even know yet.
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in my senior drama class i had to play gordon ramsay for a film project but we could only film in school so we had to try to find a closed off room to use. the thing is the room wasn’t exactly soundproof and apparently someone heard us and that’s the story of how the vice principal and four freshmen walked in on me wearing a chef’s hat and yelling at my friend because her squid was so raw i could still hear it telling spongebob to fuck off

did you get an A

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trying to make time-sensitive plans with someone who doesn’t text back quickly


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i’m not like other girls. actually, i’m nothing like other girls. and that girl u saw get on the bus earlier isn’t like other girls either. it’s surprising, really. it’s almost as if everybody is different from each other. holy shit

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"oh yeah you guys use celcius"

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fill in the blanks


1. name:  Kristin
2. birthday: September 14th
3. favorite color: blue
4. lucky number: 14
5. height: 5’3” 


1. last dream you remember: I don’t remember. All I know is that I actually dreamed last night, and that’s a new one
2. can you juggle: nay
3. art/sports/both: scrapbooking, football, volleyball, longboarding(that’s noobie-boarding though), kiting(ski edition)…hill climbing….hiking…skiing…
4. do you like writing: yes
5. do you like dancing: yeS
6. do you like singing: YES


1. dream vacation: I have always dreamed of sailing to the Caribbean 
3. dream guy/gal: Someone who share the same sense of humor as me, and just generally likes to spend some time out of the house
4. dream wedding: summer wedding, lots of flowers, seriously idk
5. dream pet: like a bearded dragon or something. DRAGON! [fire can not kill dragon]
6. dream job: shit. I am soon going to college or university but i have no idea what i want to do

1. favourite song: Somebody to you - The Vamps
2. favourite album: X - Ed Sheeran
3. favourite artist: So many to pick from, I quite enjoy Mr. Sheeran from time to time but others works too, you know
4. last song you heard on the radio: Salsa Tequila - Anders Nilsen
5. least favorite song: idk
6. least favorite album: idk
7. least favourite artist: iDK


1. guys/girls/both: guys
2. hair colour: doesn’t matter
3. eye colour: i don’t care honestly
4. humorous/serious: humorous on a daily basis, but he needs to be able to be serious if you know what i mean
5. taller/shorter: taller
6. biggest turn-off: being whiny 
7. biggest turn-on: when guys I see as fun and kind of athletic, makes science related jokes and show me they know what they are talking about, they have won me over alright

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*yodels sarcastically*

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